Wills and Estate Planning

Often people don't plan their estate because they believe it to be too costly or difficult, because they think it unnecessary, or because thinking about their own death is unpleasant. However, the benefits of establishing a will or trust far outweigh any unpleasantness. An estate plan offers the following benefits:

1. Ensure that your possessions are distributed as you wish.
If you die without a will, the law decides how your estate is distributed.  A will is the only way to ensure your wishes will be carried out.

2. You choose who carries out your wishes.
An estate plan names and outlines the power of an Executor or Trustee. Establishing someone you trust with the power to carry out your wishes gives you peace of mind.

3. Avoiding family conflict.
All too often the death of a loved one leads to family strife. By clearly establishing what becomes of your estate, you can help your family avoid unnecessary disagreement.

4. An expedited legal process.
Probate can be long and costly. It is generally faster and less costly to settle an estate with properly planned documents.

5. Appoint a guardian for your children.
Without an established appointment of guardianship, the law will decide who cares for your minor or disabled children should you pass. Protect their interests and give yourself peace of mind they'll be properly cared for.

From a simple will to a complex trust agreement, you deserve knowledgeable and experienced guidance.
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